Where Should You Buy In Florida?

There are many different factors to consider when deciding to buy a second home or invest in a vacation rental property in Florida. You might be thinking about access to schools for your children. Or you might be interested in connecting with nature and doing outdoor activities. Whatever your needs are, there are so many hidden gems in Florida that are worth looking into while searching for your dream vacation home.

Bartow– This area is great for outdoor recreation and experiencing the wild beauty of Florida. There are 16 parks which have lakes, playgrounds, and campgrounds for people to soak in the sun. South of Bartow is the Mosaic Peace River Park which is known for its diverse bird species.

Homosassa– Love a good seafood platter? This is the place for you.  Homosassa, a coastal town, is known for its great fishing and seafood restaurants.

Milton– This city is located in the Panhandle and boasts a low crime rate, good schools, and low living costs.

Palm Bay– This is a city near Melbourne with posh restaurants and unique boutiques. It also has some beautiful beaches.

Gainesville– There is a great job market and good public schools in Gainesville. If you are looking for hospitality and community, consider Gainesville.

Wherever you decide to buy in Florida, contact us to find out about your financing options and how we can make your journey to paradise easy and stress-free.