The Foreign Nationals Loan Program allows non-citizen borrowers the opportunity to invest in real estate in the United States. We offer a wide range of mortgage programs with excellent options for foreign investors who want to take advantage of the hot rental markets or own vacation property.

An example of a Foreign National would be a Canadian looking to spend up to 6 months a year south of the border, they are generally know as Snowbirds.  

Our Foreign National Loan Program will provide you with the financing required to close your next purchase south of the border. Whether you are buying an investment property or a second home, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on our competitive rates and flexible mortgage programs, contact us right away for a free consultation.


Loan Features:

  • Excellent mortgage rates.
  • No US credit required.
  • Purchase, Refinance, and Cash-outs.
  • Loans of up to 70%-80% of the property value or contract price.

Non-U.S. Required Documents

  • A valid foreign passport
  • A currant foreign address
  • Must have income documentation,
  • Bank statements and reference letter
  • Income verification letter
  • Bank statement and source down payment
  • 6 to 12 months reserves, savings above your down payment
What is a ITIN mortgage?
People who are either U.S. resident or nonresident aliens with an individual tax identification number (ITIN), cannot qualify for conventional or government-backed mortgages in this country.
What are some types of foreign national or ITIN mortgages?
  • Bank-statement loans for self-employed borrowers or those unable to provide a W-2 form
  • Non-US citizens who cannot prove their income
  • Non-US citizens looking to invest in the United States
  • Non-US citizens looking for a vacation property in the United States
  • Snowbirds looking to spend their winters in the United States
  • Debt-service-coverage ratio loans for investment homes or income-producing properties
  • Jumbo and super jumbo loans with higher down payment amounts
  • Fixed- and adjustable-rate loans with terms of three to 30 years
  • Loans for borrowers with no credit scores or nonprime credit
  • Asset-based loans that require cash reserves but no proof of employment or income
What is a foreign national mortgage?
Foreign nationals, who are Non-US citizens or nonresident aliens that cannot qualify for conventional or government-backed mortgages in the United States. A great example of this would be a Canadian looking to vacation or invest in Florida. Some Foreign Nationals are also called Snowbirds, they are generally retired or semi-retired and spend their winters in the southern states.

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